About Us


Welcome to Little Goose Toys, a small, family run specialty toy shop that we opened in 2013. 

First, a little about me and how Little Goose Toys came to be. I have always been a big kid at heart and have loved European toys. One of my dreams has been to open my own specialty toy shop and share my passion for toys with both my family and others. With the help and support of my husband, my daughters, my family and of course, our friend Little Goose, Little Goose Toys is open to bring joy to the young and young at heart.

And about our friend, Little Goose… she has had the opportunity to travel to far off lands such as Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom to search for her favorite toys. Many of the toys, gifts and party items that she has brought back originate from small family owned businesses who have been designing and hand-crafting toys for kids of all ages for over 75 years. These old world crafters and artisans have an innate love of toys that is evident in the detailed craftsmanship of their products. I value the creativity and workmanship of these toy crafters and I hope you will as well!

As Little Goose Toys continues to grow, I hope you check in with us from time to time to see the new items that Little Goose and I have found to provide you and your family with enjoyment for years to come!

Thank you for visiting Little Goose Toys and I hope you enjoy and cherish these toys as much as my family and I do.